Special Olympics, e-learning and union rates.

Special Olympics, e-learning and union rates.

The Moline-Coal Valley school board got a look at Special Olympics programming, along with action on the district’s e-learning plan and non-union pay rates. 

School board president Andrew “Andy” Waeyaert was the only member absent from Monday’s meeting. 

Kristin Sanders — assistant superintendent for pupil personnel and special services — and other district staff led the Special Olympics presentation.

They gave a rundown on the district’s year-round Special Olympics schedule, highlights from the past year, community impact, upcoming events and parent testimonials. 


Rock Island’s Drew DeMarlie blocks the path of Moline’s Je’Nez Lewis heading to the basket during the Moline High School Special Olympics basketball Fall Classic tournament Saturday, Nov. 5, 2022, at Moline High School’s physical education facility. 

In spring, 2022, the district added the “Mini Maroons” at Roosevelt Elementary School. This year, the district expanded the Special Olympics program to include the “Junior Maroons” — becoming the only regional school district to offer Special Olympics from age eight through graduation. 

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For the high school program, two new sports will be offered: flag football and unified bocce. 

Also new this year, Moline-Coal Valley hired paid Special Olympics coaches for every level. 

To watch the full presentation, watch Monday’s meeting livestream on the “Moline Televison” YouTube channel, starting around the 2:00 timestamp until roughly 21:50. 

Next, the board held a procedural public hearing to verify the use of e-learning in lieu of emergency days. 

With no public comment, the board approved all action items. 

  • The district’s e-learning program verification form and plan for a three-year term.
  • An increase to $20 an hour for certain non-union district employees for the 2023-24 school year. Board member Audrey Adamson abstained from this vote. 

During the subsequent open discussion, student board member Jathinaram Kollarapu announced that the Moline History Club is re-doing the high school’s senior patio and pond. He said they plan to re-stock the pond with fish in the springtime and create a sort of outdoor classroom in the space. 

In her procedural report, Superintendent Rachel Savage noted the upcoming “Treats ‘n’ Reads” event with Read Moline on Thursday, Oct. 26. Here, students can receive a free book and enjoy some sweet treats.

On district-wide HVAC upgrades, Savage also said Lincoln-Irving Elementary School’s new chiller is on the way. 

Next meeting: Monday, Nov. 13 at 6 p.m. at Franklin Elementary School (5312 11th Avenue C in Moline). 

Mrs. Arika Faith’s first-grade classroom welcome NASA astronaut Kate Rubins and Rep. Eric Sorensen (IL-17) during their visit to Hamilton Elementary School in Moline on Thursday. 

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